Coffee with the Principals

For New Families


September 10th

4K and Kindergarten


Scout Room In Cuddy Hall


September 11th

1st - 6th Grades

7:45am - 8:45am

Scout Room In Cuddy Hall




LOAVES & FISHES:   Sixth grade would appreciate your help in preparing lunches for the homeless. Please donate juice boxes

( Capri Sun, Hi C, etc) and snack cracker / cookie packs to be included with the lunch sandwiches.  Thank you for your assistance in this ministry to serve the poor.



Picture Day

(Individual and Class)

In Uniforms 

Friday, September 12th






         Charleston Wrap school number is 8426


Our Director of Admissions, Debra Harrison will be on site for tours, enrollment, paperwork and questions.  Please feel free to contact her for enrollment. 478-742-0636 or





Our school number is 56648.  






Grandparent's Day Mass

September 5th at 1:30pm







FALL FESTIVAL:  HELP, HELP,  HELP!!!!!   We are in desperate need of volunteers!!   Please note Fall Festival date has been changed to November 7 from 2-6 so remember to mark your calendars.





GIRLS ON THE GO / 2014-15 :   Girls On the Go is needing female volunteers to re-start the program for the 2014-15 school year.   This program trains 4th - 6th grade girls to finish (2) 5Ks throughout the year, while teaching them brief, weekly lessons on positive Self Esteem and Body Image, Nutrition for girls / young athletes, and more.  This commitment is only one day/week.  Kathy Blackwell and Charmion Leatherwood are no longer able to volunteer and are searching for replacements.  They are happy to share their resources and experiences in guiding the new volunteers.  This is a wonderful age group of girls!  It has truly been a joy getting to know these eager, energetic girls and being a part of their overall health.    If interested, please contact Kathy Blackwell




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